Viral Launch Review – How To Use It & Special Coupon Code

I think I don’t have to tell you what Amazon FBA is or how to sell on Amazon, because why would you type “Viral Launch Review” or something along those lines into the search bar of Google if you did not know about it in the first place.

So I spare yourself the full introduction what it is for and just drop 2 fancy bullet points that we are going to cover:

  • product research for product discovery (there’s a few ways to use Viral Launch for that and I will go into detail for each of those methods)
  • competitor research to check the odds of succeeding with the product (will give you a full outline how you can use Viral Launch to check your competitors later on in this review as well)

If you don’t want to read my review about Viral Launch and what you can do with it but rather just want to know whether I like or not and grab the discount code – then by all means, skip this review and check out my summary at the end.

So first I quickly cover every feature of Viral Launch and then we go over some fancy methods to find products to private label and sell via Fullfillment by Amazon, products you can dropship (if you don’t have a ton of capital you might like this method) and how to get a grasp how fierce your competition is and how big your chances are to turn your product idea into a winning product that creates residual income for you.

Here is the feature list we are going to cover:

  • Product Discovery
  • Market Intelligence
  • Keyword Research
  • Product Launch


Viral Launch Product Discovery – Find valid product ideas

With the Viral Launch Product Discovery Tool you can find product ideas very easily. It provides you with 4 methods to do your product research:


  • Product Database
  • Keyword Search
  • Brand Search
  • Category Search

Product Database: The name says it already and you might be familiar with it since most Amazon research tools provide you with some sort of product database research tool. Just tick the categories that you want to find products in, add your criteria and then spend a couple of hours digging through the database to find a suitable product.

Keyword Search: Here’s where it gets more interesting. The Keyword Search method gives you a list of keywords that meet your product criteria and includes certain words or phrases. It’s especially useful if you want to find products for certain demographics (seniors, women, etc.) or find products in trending niches (organic, grounding, etc.). You can see a real live example how to use this tool in this video.

Brand Search: With the brand search function you get a list of brand that sell products that meet your criteria. You can specify sales growth rate, average reviews for any given product that brand is selling, sales cycles such as seasonal, steady, up and coming etc.

It’s extremely useful if you want to create a brand and sell a range of products within a niche. I’ll go more in detail here.

Category Search: To be quite honest – I never used category search but it basically shows you Amazon categories that meet your input criteria.

Viral Launch Market Intelligence – Get a grasp of your competition

Market intelligence is the chrome extension of Viral Launch, but also is a section in the web app.

The reason why I like Market Intelligence so much is, because it gives you a complete overview of what needs to be done in order to rank your product on the first page.

Let’s check out what needs to be done to rank on the first page for cycling gloves:


Viral Launch Market Intelligence Detailed Statistics

It can’t get any easier than this. Viral Launch gives you an exact blueprint in order for you to rank. The first product I used the exact formula that I got from Viral Launchs’ Market Intelligence ranked within 8 days on number 3 for my main keyword.

That was pretty nice and made me some good money. So maybe I’m a little bit biased here but this feature is worth the entire price of Viral Launch.




Viral Launch Analysis



The Viral Launch Keyword Research Tool

The keyword research tool shows you an estimated search volume for any given keyword and shows you related keywords.

Viral Launch Keyword Research

With the listing builder you can add keywords and optimize your listing. Viral Launch automatically gives you an optimization score and tells you if your listing needs to be optimized for keywords even further.


Viral Launch Listing Builder

Product Launch Service

I did not use Viral Launch or any other launch service for my products so far. All launched them by myself by using Amazon PPC, external traffic via affiliate sites & Google Ads and some Giveaways but what I heard the launch service from Viral Launch is pretty solid. 

But please be aware: Even if you are using a launch service – the most important part of a successful product is made long before the launch – while doing your product research. So rather focus more time and energy in finding a solid product, check market averages, check sales history and review counts to get a grasp of what’s happening in the niche. If you do your due dilligence first and then decide to go with a product launch service such as Viral Launch, the odds of success will be in your favor.

Viral Launch Pricing – How much does Viral Launch cost?

As far as the web app goes, there are 4 plans – all four available to pay monthly but you can also commit to a yearly plan thus getting the monthly amount a little bit cheaper.


I would recommend to use the monthly Pro Seller plan – that is what I’m using when I’m doing product research and it comes with all essential features.


Viral Launch Pricing

The price of launching a product can very though. It’s best to sign up with Viral Launch, add your product info and then see for yourself how much you are going to pay for the product launch.

How to use Viral Launch to find products to sell on Amazon

The summary

Ok so now that we’ve gone over everything in regards to Viral Launch, its’ features and what you can do with it you probably know my answer whether it’s a useful tool or not and so the answer is:

It’s good. Very useful and Nico approved.

I tried a bunch of Tools (see my Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch comparison for example) but the few that I use when it comes down to product / keyword / competitor research are Viral Launch and Helium 10.

Viral Launch Free Trial & Discount Code

When I first started on Amazon I did not really want to shell out another 100 bucks per month for a tool. I was wondering if Viral Launch offers a free trial but they don’t. Nevertheless I gave it a try and it was worth it. So if you’re in the same sitation – give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Viral Launch Coupon Code

By the way – you can also get Viral Launch cheaper if you use my link and my Viral Launch coupon code:

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