Jungle Scout VS Viral Launch – Accuracy, Features & Ways To Use Them

There are a dozens of research tools available for Amazon. Some of them don’t have that many users and some of them are very well known in the world of Amazon sellers like Viral Launch and Jungle Scout.

In this comparison I go over product sales accuracy, features, the best product research methods with either Junglescout or ViralLaunch and of course their pricing.

If you don’t want to read my review about Jungle Scout VS Viral Launch and what you can do with it but rather just want to know whether I like or not and grab the discount code – then by all means, skip this review and check out my summary at the end.

By the way – as of right now I am using Viral Launch and Helium 10 to do product research. As for email marketing with Amazon I use Jumpsend (which is another software company from Greg Mercer who owns Jungle Scout) So without further ado let’s jump into this comparison.

Jungle Scout VS Viral Launch – Accuracy

In short: Viral Launch is more accurate than Jungle Scout. That’s what I’ve found out checking ASINS of some friends and frequently checking on my own products – yet was stupid enough not to document it and therefore just watch this awesome video of Adam Fisher – I think he did a really good job there:

Jungle Scout VS Viral Launch – Features

Product / ServiceViral LaunchJungle Scout
Product ResearchYesYes
Keyword ResearchYesYes
Product TrackerYesYes
Competitor ResearchYes-
Market Research (Trends)Yes-
Supported Markets10 Markets (USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Spain, India, France, Italy, Germany, Japan)9 Markets (USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Spain, India, France, Italy, Germany)
Free TrialAvailableNo
PriceStarting at $59.00/month (15% off lifetime with code NICOFBA)Starting at $39.00/month + $97 / $197 Chrome Extension

How to do product research with either Viral Launch or Jungle Scout

This is pretty straight forward. Just use the Product Discovery tool with Viral Launch or the Product Database tool with Jungle Scout. There are however a few ways how to put product research on steroids with Viral Launch and I will soon add some videos to my Viral Launch review.

Also I will add 2 videos here pretty soon outlining the best practice settings when using these tools and doing product research so stay tuned.

Viral Launch VS Jungle Scout Pricing

First of I think it’s important to say that Jungle Scout splits up its software in a web app (which you pay monthly for) and a Chrome Extension (one time purchase) while Viral Launch offers everything (Chrome Extension and Web App) for a monthly retainer.

I use the Viral Launch Pro Plan, since it comes with the keyword research feature and that is actually pretty handy to get an additional grasp of the market and to get a better idea on how to optimize your listing title and backend keywords. As for the other plans Brand Builder and Data Hunter, they are probably for some really big Amazon sellers because I can’t really understand why anyone would need to track 100 or 250 competitors when starting out or when you have only a few private label products.

Aside from that – I would really go with the Pro Seller plan, it just makes way more sense and the additional $40 per month are totally ok and worth it – even for the keyword research feature alone.

Viral Launch Pricing

And by the way these are the monthly prices. You can get them cheaper of course by either using my coupon code or the annual prices or both combined.

IIn regards to Junglescout there are 2 options:

  • Joungle Scout Web-App
  • Joungle Scout Chrome Extension

Jungle Scout Software Offers

When I first started my Amazon FBA journey I was using Jungle Scouts’ Start-Up plan and that was enough actually since there was no need for Niche Hunter and tracking more than 40 products.

Joungle Scout Pricing Also I picked the light version of the Chrome extension, because I did not need the additional features (I could calculate all the other metrics my own or find them out pretty easily).

For example the Historical Sales & Pricing – just go to camelcamelcamel.com choose the marketplace and type in the ASIN and you will get historical sales and pricing data for the ASIN.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Price

The summary

Ok, now that we covered every aspect of either Jungle Scout and Viral Launch you can probably guess what I like using more: Viral Launch

I started using Junglescout when I started my Amazon FBA journey but switched to Viral Launch and Helium 10. Both tools are really great and provide you with tons of useful solutions to make your life easier as an Amazon seller.

Viral Launch Coupon Code

By the way – you can also get Viral Launch cheaper if you use my link and my Viral Launch coupon code:

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