Helium 10 VS Jungle Scout – What is the biggest bang for your buck?Accuracy, Features & Ways To Use Them

I don’t want to waste no time with giving you an intro or whatnot – there are dozens of Amazon Product Research Tools out there yet only a handful are worth your money. Today I’m comparing Helium 10 and Jungle Scout.

Did I use both Helium 10 and Jungle Scout you might ask?

Yes. My answer is not biased towards one tool because I did not use the other. Also I’m not biased towards monetary benefits either. If you choose to purchase one of the tools via my links I get the same amount of money (or nothing at all if you don’t use them) – so it’s safe to say you can trust me.

Not interested in my Helium 10 VS Jungle Scout comparison?

I get – if you simply want to now what’s my opinion on both the tools and grab a discount – feel free to jump to the summary at the end.

Helium 10 VS Jungle Scout – Accuracy

Garlicpressseller.com recently did an update on his review comparing both Helium10 and Jungle Scout in regards to their accuracy – while I noticed a while back that Helium 10 took the lead when it comes down to accuracy, the new and updated database / algorithm of Jungle Scout does a better job now. I’ll just drop the screenshot below and add a few I’d like to say afterwards.

Garlicpressselller Accuracy of Helium10 VS JungleScout

So while it’s apparent that Jungle Scout is ahead of Helium 10 here, Garlicpressseller himself wrote that if you are dealing with higher sales volume Jungle Scout is more accurate, if you are dealing with lower sales volume Helium 10 is better.

I have to say though, that I prefer a sales tracker that underestimates the monthly sales if the sales volume gets higher. Why? Easy – I like to run my business on conservative numbers. On the other hand it might make you calculate the number of daily sales in order to rank too low so better add in an extra margin of error.

Helium 10 VS Jungle Scout – Features

Product / ServiceHelium 10Jungle Scout
Product ResearchYesYes
Keyword ResearchYesYes
Product TrackerYesYes
Competitor ResearchYes-
Market Research (Trends)Yes-
Giveaway Platform / Launch Platform-Yes
Listing OptimizationYes-
Inventory Refund ToolYes-
Supported MarketsDepends on tool. Product research tools are available in US, UK, Germany, Canada, France, Italy, Spain

For full list see https://kb.helium10.com/hc/en-us/articles/360036359334-Which-Tools-Are-Supported-in-Which-Markets-
9 Markets (USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Spain, India, France, Italy, Germany)
Free TrialAvailableNo
PriceRecommended plan starts at $97/monthRecommended plan starts at $69/month

Helium 10 VS Jungle Scout Pricing

Helium 10 Pricing

First let’s start with the current Helium 10 pricing:

Helium 10 Pricing

So what Helium 10 plan do I use?

I for myself am subsribed to the Platinum Plan since as of right now I don’t need any further features. I have to say though – if you can afford it of course – the additional features the Elite Plan has to offer look very promising. Take a look for yourself:

Monthly “Members Only” & “in-Person High Level Workshops” – sounds interesting to me. So I guess at the price tag of 400 benjamins per month they offer serious value.

Jungle Scout Pricing

So now to Jungle Scout. Their pricing seems a little bit weird compared to their older pricing structure. Back in the day you had the Chrome extension and the web app. The web app was an ongoing financial commitment while the Chrome extension was a one off purchase. Nowadays Jungle Scout offers both the web app as well as the Chrome extension as a monthly ongoing service.

This new pricing strategy is somewhat odd.

The good thing: the Web App comes with a lot of features and can be purchased for $49 per month (which in my opinion is a really good deal).

The Chrome extension (which could be purchased as a one off purchase back in the day) is now $39 per month or $20 per month if you bundle it with the web app and get the bundle offer.


I draw a rectangle around the options below their pricing table.

Jungle Scout has now a tiered pricing structure and the price changes based on your order volume.

And while it sounds horrible and stupid it’s really not that big of a deal. It gets sort of expensive if you reach the 10k order threshold and let’s be honest:

By the time you sale more than 10k units of anything per month you probably won’t worry about the $400 bill that you get from JS.

Jungle Scout Highest Tier Pricing

The summary

By now I think I covered everything either Helium 10 or Jungle Scout has to offer and if you made the effort and read through this entire post you might know that the answer is Helium 10.

My Amazon journey started with Junglescout since I bought Tanner J Foxs’ course and he recommended Junglescout but then switched to Viral Launch and Helium10 (yes I used both but that’s really not necessary. I just wanted to check how accurate these tools really were and although using both makes your life a tiny bit easier it is really not that necessary).

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